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At Our Chalet - Ida von Herrenschwand, 1887 - 1961

von Pen, Our Chalet

Since 1930 Falk has given her enthusiasm and abilities to Our Chalet, its constrution, its life and the building up of its traditions. In 1932 she took on its leadership and for those who stayed at Our Chalet during her twenty years as Guider in Charge, Falk and Our Chalet are synonymous. 

Hundreds even thousands of Guides and Girl Scouts from every part of the world have stayed at our Chalet and it is amazing how many Falk remembered by name many years after. There can be hardly any who do not remember her. Her care for and interest in each individual was remarkable. Young or old of every nation left Our Chalet refreshed in body and more especially in mind, with horizons widened, a fresh outlook on life, or renewed courage. Falk’s sense of humour, her wise judgement and understanding bringing to their problems – at home or work or Scouts – a new sense of proportion. 

Her joy in the beauty of mountains, sunsets, light or snow or cow bells before dawn, are indelibly printed on my mind and I am sure on the minds of many others. When Our Chalet was built its purpose was not clear to the villagers and the people in it were strangers, Falk realising this, set out to know her neighbours, with such success, that soon they turned to her as did the girls in her care, with their joys and sorrows sure of her interest and friendship. How often in these last weeks has one heard “she was one of us”. 

Since 1952 Falk has continued to give her encouragement and advice to our Chalet committee and staff. Her death is a great loss and a great responsibility. It is for us to see that the work she started and loved so dearly is carried on as she would wish, with gaiety and good sense and that Our Chalet continues to meet the needs of girls the world over.


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Der Text stammt aus der Broschüre "Ida von Herrenschwand 1887 - 1961", welche im Zentralarchiv der PBS eingesehen werden kann. Die Schreibweise (inkl. allfälliger Fehler) wurde gemäss dem Original übernommen. Abschrift: Doris Stroppel-Lutz.


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