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Every Scout and Guide group has its own particular traditions, some of them being “official”, with a number of peculiar unwritten ones.

Thinking Day

On Thinking Day, many Scouts and Guides show their commitment to Scouting and Guiding by wearing their scarf during the day - regardless of where they are (work, school, etc).

Scout or Guide Name

Scouts and Guides in Switzerland usually address each other with their Scout and Guide name. This individual nickname is given during the first camp of the person and reflects the personality, special talents or characteristics of the person. Such names can be animal names or derived from words in other languages and are often given in a special ceremony. Scouts and Guides usually keep their name for their entire Scouting and Guiding career. Look up some Scout and Guide names and their meaning in the Scout and Guide name database. 

Scout and Guide Scarf

Each local group has a scarf in their individual combination of colours. The scarf is usually worn around the neck with the ends tied into a friendship knot.


You can find more information about our national or regional events in the Events section.


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